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So Sorry!

Sorry Mayor!

Sorry Mayor!








Well, there’s one way to make national – and international news! The mayor has forgiven Jimmy for the nibble on his ear (an official pardon was issued 02-03-2015) …

My thoughts are this:

Jimmy leaned in to whisper “Early Spring” to the mayor just as he caught glimpse of his shadow! Startled, a nip ensued and mixed signals received!

So, six more weeks of winter, or early spring? Yes! Guaranteed to be one or the other!



A Complicated Prognostication!

Jimmy arrived by limo to a well bundled up crowd at Cannery Square! There is nothing quite like the muffled applause of mittened hands! Jimmy did whisper his prediction…. And that is the beginning of a confused prognostication. As the mayor leaned in to hear Jimmy’s message, Jimmy nipped the mayor’s ear! Not serious, but enough to lend confusion to the event! The Mayor said Jimmy told him Early Spring, but since there was not a cloud in the sky… We’re pretty sure he misinterpreted it!

This Jimmy is the 11th in a long line of groundhogs. This was his first time in front of a crowd. I’m pretty sure he was nervous! It was the Mayor’s first prognostication too…. And sad to say, Jerry’s last time as Jimmy’s caregiver. Bundle that all together, and you get a complicated prediction, indeed!



The big day is coming! Get your winter woolens on and meet me at Cannery Square! Don’t be late!


Show off your moves at The Groundhog Ball on Saturday night. The 41st annual event will be at The Round Table, 1611 N. Bristol St., hosted by Sun Prairie’s Knights of Columbus, from 7-11 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 31. Admission is $7.00. Proceeds go to Sun Prairie Little League.

Beans And Cream will have hot coffee and cocoa… and chocolate groundhogs! Yes! Chocolate GROUNDHOGS!

Market Street Diner will have a full blown breakfast and adorable cookies!

Prairie Flowers and Gifts will have groundhog goodies, including t-shirts! They will open at 7 on February 2!

The Post Office will be set up to cancel your mail with an official USPS cancellation postmark (designed by Jimmy’s No. 1 fan, Katie Hoeppner).

Come meet Jimmy and his human Jerry. Plenty of photo opportunities.



Thanks to Jimmy’s Facebook page, I found this:


Click here to see Jimmy the Groundhogs Prognostication! if the video above is not working.

hey!  “Like” Jimmy on FB!!!  Let’s get his likes ^^^up^^^ there!  https://www.facebook.com/Jimmythegroundhog



Don’t Shoot the Messenger!

Today started off at -12 here in Wisconsin… it’s supposed to “zoom” up to +18 later!

FYI:  I also predicted the Seahawks would win by 4 points… I mean FORTY!  Ha!


Here is the official “button” for this year’s event:




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