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Jimmy the Groundhog

Baby Jimmy, sunning himself - Summer 2000

Baby Jimmy, sunning himself - Summer 2000

Jimmy the Groundhog is 8th in line of official Sun Prairie Prognosticators. He was born in the spring of 2000 and made his debut at the 2001 Groundhog Day celebration in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.Jimmy lived in the country with the Krisher family until 2004. At that time he moved to live on a little farm with the Jerry Hahn family. Jerry is a distant relative of Jim Weigen, Jimmy’s namesake!

To be a caregiver to a wild animal such as Jimmy, the families have to be certified by the state. While groundhogs are fun to watch, and some of the stories I’ve heard are fun, they really do not make good pets.


Jimmy snacking on popcorn - Summer 2000

Jimmy snacking on popcorn - Summer 2000

If you have found a groundhog, please call your local USDA Department of Wildlife, or the humane society.Jimmy loves to eat apples, carrots, dandelions and clover. On occassion he has been known to go crazy for popcorn and peanut butter! He was known to follow the Krisher kids around as they did their outdoor chores.

We are excited to hear how Jimmy enjoys his new home, where he lives with goats, rabbits, and a rooster! The Hahn family also has apple trees and a big pumpkin patch. Sounds like “Hog Heaven” to me!

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