Groundhog Tribute

Tribute To Mr. Ground Hog

Here’s to dear old Mr. Wood Chuck,
And a wise ole animal is he;
Who will come out February second
For his own dear shadow to see.
And if he happens to see it,
Then right down in his hole he’ll stay;
For there’ll be six weeks more winter,
Before he will come out, they say.

But if it happens to be cloudy,
So no shadow of his can be seen;
Then Spring will soon be ushered in,
And the grass will be getting green.
Here’s to the Sun Prairie Wood Chucks,
Here’s to their Ground Hog supper, too;
I hope they will have another
In the year Nineteen Fifty-two.

I’m glad to write this tribute,
And hereby dedicate the same;
To that ancient weather forecaster,
And Mr. Wood Chuck is his name.

Monroe, Wisconsin February 2, 1951

From Mrs. Bertha Fisher’s scrapbook
Dated February 2, 1951

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Bertha Fisher\'s Scrapbook dated 1951

Tribute by J.W. Stewart thumbnail, click to view larger version

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