Official Postmarks

Groundhog Day Postmarks

Here is a copy of the cancellation postmark designed by me for the 2001 event. A new artist is selected for this year. If you would like to send cards and letters to friends with the special Groundhog cancellation postmark, mail your stamped and addressed items to:

Jimmy the Groundhog
Sun Prairie WI 53590

in time for THE big day, FEBRUARY 2nd!

©khoeppner 2001

Sun Prairie is the nation’s OFFICIAL Groundhog Day Station — where you can have your letters and cards stamped with a collectible cancellation mark (Eat your hearts out Punxsutawney)!

I’m working with the Sun Prairie Post Office to get copies of other Groundhog postmarks. Stay tuned!

–Katie Hoeppner, artist


 2014 postmark, Katie hoeppner artist

Groundhog Day 2013!

2013 official postmark by me (Katie Hoeppner) again! It’s hard to see, but I put Jerry’s Apple Orchard barn in the background… That’s where Jimmy lives!

Old Cancellation Postmarks:


1991 Postmark

1995 Submissions for the postmark “Contest” Not sure which one won!

2000 Postmark

2002 Postmark

2002 Postmark

2003 Postmark

2003 Postmark

2004 Postmark

2005 Postmark

2005 Postmark

2006 Postmark

2007 Postmark

2008 Postmark

2008 Postmark

2009 Postmark

2009 Postmark

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  1. As I scanned some postmarks last night, interesting to see that postcard postage has gone up exactly .10 in 10 years! They are .33 now… I remember wayyyy back to when they were .03!!! I am getting old.

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