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Millenium Babies


Jimmy became a papa in this new millennium. Meet Jimmy Junior and his little brother! They were born in the spring of 2000, and are about six weeks old in this photograph. Aren’t they cute?

Feeding Time

This is Courtney. She is the oldest child in the Krisher family. They are the official care-givers to Jimmy. She is having fun feeding Jimmy Junior a bottle.

Carrots, YUM!

Lucas Krisher feeds Jimmy Junior a big carrot. This is one of his dad’s favorite foods! Notice the big claws on the little baby! Groundhogs need strong claws to dig for food and to make their burrows.

First Check-up

Even little groundhogs need to see a vet. This is Jimmy Junior’s first visit to his family’s long-time vet, Dr. Sartori. On the left is Jimmy’s care-giver, Ted.

Good Report

After checking him over very carefully, Dr. Sartori tells Ted that the baby is very healthy! “Take me home! I want to play,” says baby Jimmy!

A Treat for a Good Boy

Once home, baby Jimmy is treated to a piece of popcorn. He thinks this is pretty interesting food. He enjoys playing with it as much as eating it!

What’s This?

Jimmy Junior is pretty curious, and discovers dandelions! They make for a nice little snack for all sizes of groundhogs!

A Little Sunshine

The warm sun feels good and makes little Jimmy very happy! He has a lot of growing and learning to do this summer. Won’t it be fun for him to learn about hibernating and the big party here on February 2!

Special Thanks to

Cheri Krisher for sharing these wonderful photographs of Jimmy’s baby. The Krisher family recently lost their home to a horrible fire. Several family pets were lost in the fire, but Jimmy and his family were safe in their “condo” in one of the outbuildings. I’m sure you share with me in sending the Krisher family your best wishes as they rebuild their home!

©khoeppner, Sun Prairie Wisconsin – revised, Feb. 24, 2004

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