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Hoggy the Groundhog

MEET HOGGY – of Parma, Ohio

Janine was on her way to Florida when her phone rang. A woman had been given her name and number from the Ohio State Highway Patrol. She called to say she had 6 baby groundhogs who had been orphaned. The two women met on the highway during a horrible rain storm. Janine packed up the babies, formula, bottles and syringes and headed flew to Florida. While there, she and her friend spent the evening catching up on old times, and feeding six hungry babies every couple of hours.

Janine writes:
Once home, Bailey, a border collie, bonded to them immediately cleaning and trying to nurse them. Smudge is my shar-pei seen in the photo. Unfortunately, he passed away at the young age of 4. Harley, the boxer tends to get a little annoyed because Hoggy is always biting at his feet. It is kinda funny. He just looks at me as if to say… “get this thing off my feet… NOW” Shelby, a Labrador (a rescue dog who had only been in the family a week when Hoggy arrived), shocked the family because she and Hoggy immediately bonded as well.

I have 2 children as well, both little girls.. they are 5 and 3. Hoggy has already made appearances at the preschool my daughter attends. He will nap in their bed and he loves to steal their socks and underwear.

©Janine 2003

©Janine 2003

©Janine 2003

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